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TSC were founded in the summer of 2009 when a group of 6 family members decided to ride the Coast 2 Coast bike route from Workington to Blackhall Rocks over 2 and 1/2 days. The ride was completed in appalling weather but with smiles on faces and a beer in hand each night, the bug had bitten and TSC had begun!

C2C 2009 - Where it all began

C2C 2009 – Where it all began

Monthly and sometimes weekly rides were organised, mainly around County Durham and  often in Weardale and Wensleydale. The team had often talked about and watched films on the legendary Tom Simpson, who was born in the County Durham pit village of Haswell only a few miles from the homes of the riders. It was this interest in Simpson that led to the next big challenge for TSC, and a really big one it was! The Cingles du Mont Ventoux…

Simpson's memorial on Le Mont Ventoux

Simpson’s memorial on Le Mont Ventoux

The Cingles challenge involves ascending the famous Tour de France climb of Le Mont Ventoux not once, but three times in one day. 4 Members set out to achieve this goal while 2 others offered support throughout, as well as making one ascent themselves. The team decided that proper team jerseys were needed, and a Simpson-inspired jersey was created using his famous Peugeot jersey as the template. The ride took 13 hours to complete and TSC had made their next big step!

A Double ascent of Alpe D’Huez to raise funds for the Childrens Heart Unit Fund soon followed as well as completing the Ronde van Vlaanderen, Tom Simpson Memorial and Way of the Roses routes. Enjoying cycling and a beer afterward has continued to be the main focus on all of the teams efforts!

In the winter of 2012/2013 TSC made its competitive debut at cyclocross, competing in the North East’s two leagues – the CXNE and NECCL. Again, the team sets out on the startline to have fun, complete the race and have a cold one while discussing the experience afterwards!

After completing the 2013 season, 2014 began with a series of sportives before TSC gained their first official sponsor, Newcastle based retro-cycling clothes company Pedalling Squares. The deal saw the team decked out in new Peugeot-Michelin inspired jerseys ready to take on the NECCL in the 2014 season, where TSC gained its first ever victories as Nina took the honours in Rounds 1, 2 and 3 of the ladies competition.SAM_2825


7 Responses to About Us

  1. Mat Hobbins says:


    I live in Sunderland. I’m always cycling through haswell, didn’t know Tom Simpson was from there, doh! Do you guys take new members if so how?

    • snookcycling says:

      Hi Mat, Yes, there is actually a sign on the cycle way from Sunderland as it gets into Haswell with a picture of Tom on it, just off the main road. I think I uploaded a picture of it to google maps via Panaramio.
      We are always happy for people to come for a ride out with us, join us on sportives or in cross races, or even on our weekend trips away, we have spare jerseys and it would be a pleasure to borrow/sell them to people interesting in being part of us. Our next big ride will be the Velo29 Sportive on Sep 28th, and before that the Cyclocross event at Hardwick Park in Durham on Sep 21.

  2. Kevin R. Ross says:

    Hi, I’m a cyclist originally from Haswell Plough (now Shadforth); are you guys riding the Tom Memorial ride in Harworth in 2014?

    • snookcycling says:

      Hi Kevin,
      Yeah we are certainly hoping that some of us will be going down to Harworth to ride it again, although it probably wont be possible for all of us due to work commitments. Are you fancying a look down? We might have a spare seat (and bed) in the campervan if you are interested. Please ‘like’ us on facebook!

  3. Craig says:

    Hi guys,

    Enjoyed reading about your formation. Found your club as I was looking at stuff for setting up my own club (possibly). An idea VERY much in its infancy at the moment!

    Nice to see that can be done if you put your mind to it.

    Got a few questions if it wouldn’t be too much trouble; would you mind if I emailed you? What’s the best address if you don’t mind?

    Thanks for any help in advance.


    • snookcycling says:

      Hi Craig, glad to hear you are a fan of TSC! If you are on Facebook please like us there, and send us a message!

      If not, the best member to get in touch with is Billy (snookbilly@hotmail.com) and he can answer your questions!

  4. Boikuntho Sarkar says:

    I like snook cycling. I want to be member of snook cycling.

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