Alpe D’Huez

“Harder than the Ventoux” – that was the verdict of TSC after their successful double ascent of the infamous 21 hairpins of the Alpe D’Huez.

The 25 hour journey saw the team arrive on Avenue Rif Nel at around 20:17 local time and the pasta was soon on the go, with a few cold Galahad’s to ease it down with, as the team’s nerves built after seeing the team bus struggle up the 14km ascent only minutes earlier.

A good nights sleep saw the lads and lass wake at around 8am and while no alcohol was consumed to calm the nerves, energy drinks, gels and tablets were in abundance! First up was the quick descent to Bourg D’Oisans and a few pictures before beginning the first climb.

 The climb was every bit as hard as it looked, and with each member going off at their own pace and +20c temperatures outside, the going was tough. With the climb not featuring any flat parts, every hairpin with its countdown sign was welcomed.

Once all members made the first summit a quick uniform change took place – changing into the shirts of their heroes -for the second super fast descent and ready for lunch in Bourg D’Oisans. The second climb was at a far more leisurely pace as the thoughts and tastes of a Kronenbourg began to enter the riders thoughts.

As soon as the second summit was reached, the Krony was out and the celebrations began! A quick shower and reiki session did not hold the lads back from their drinking mission and even a visit from the local gendarme who moved the team on to their own motorhome park could not disrupt the party atmosphere!

2 ascents - done!

A long drive back up North towards Dunkirk the next day saw several more Kronies supped before landing in Veurne, Belgium to meet up with Derek for another session and a few one-sided games of table football. Whats next for TSC?

Please check out our D’Huez Double promotional video below…


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